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Migration to Shopify with Cart2Cart from A to Z: a Practical Course

This course is designed as guidance for Cart2Cart customers who want to migrate to Shopify from their current shopping cart. We will walk you through the entire process of migration - from its benefits to technical peculiarities, pitfalls, and solutions.

We hope that it will answer all questions you might have about each step of the migration process and provide some useful tips for the post-migration period.
  • Introduction
  • Why migrate to Shopify?
  • Is there any data loss risk?
  • Getting ready for Migration
  • How to prepare your Source store?
  • How to prepare your Target store?
  • Key Shopify settings before the migration
  • Migration Setup
  • [Video] How to Migrate to Shopify with Cart2Cart
  • Shopify migration setup guide
  • Post-MIgration Tips
  • What to do after Shopify data migration?
  • Migration Assistance
  • No time to tackle migration on your own?
  • Questions?
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed